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Web3 is the third generation of the World Wide Web. It is a network that provides a decentralized, distributed and global control of information, which is built on decentralized technologies like blockchain that enable access to information without going through centralized servers.

The Metaverse is an immersive, 3D virtual world built on web 3 where users can access using an avatar and interact with others in real-time.

METAMOUTH is a collaborative digital space in the metaverse, with membership options for using the event space, offices, advertising, and access to the broader community. METAMOUTH's objective is to democratize and facilitate the access to the Metaverse for innovative enterprises.

METAMOUTH is your gateway to the metaverse! It is a premier location within the metaverse for your brand and employees, giving you access and exposure to the future of the internet, with us helping you every step of the way.

Our Services


is for one year and gives you access to using the event space, offices, and the broader community.


is for 3 months and provides the ability to showcase your brand within the METAMOUTH metaverse space and community (no office included).


is a one-day pass to use
the event room.

Our packages

Whether you are looking to open an office in the Metaverse or organizing an event, we have tailor-made solutions for you. Click on the "Get a Quote" button to get in contact with our team.

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Duration: 12 months

Private customized office in the metaverse

Organize an event in the metaverse

Access to METAMOUTH community


Duration: 3 months

Showcase the brand in partner area

Access to METAMOUTH community


Duration: 1 day

Organize an event in the metaverse

Access to METAMOUTH community

Duration 12 months 3 months 1 day
Private customized
office in the metaverse
Showcase the brand
in partner area
Organize an event
in the metaverse

Metaverse Training Session

An ambitious and innovative project through which Metamouth can offer an immersive experience as well as virtual education that is inclusive and accessible to all, both live and in "virtual-rooms." The Metaverse represents a development consistent with the innovation of digital education.

Since 2021, Metamouth has been experimenting with immersive teaching. The premise is to create educational experiences that cannot be achieved with traditional physical and digital tools. From highly realistic reproduction and an environment dedicated to immersive teaching including 3D spaces and models, to cross-device solutions: usable from both desktop and mobile and with Virtual Reality viewers. The project includes the integration of immersive media (virtual and augmented reality).

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